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Transform Work into Play

Let them fly


Sure, getting sand in your shorts is annoying. But building castles on the beach with friends makes it totally worth it!

Deep philosophical Question: Is sand analogous to management?

Well-thought-out Answer: Yes.

Ditch Departments for Coloredboxes

Connect the dots


“…oh you’ll need to talk to the credit department about that”, transferring…

“Hello, this is the credit department, you have called us after operating hours. please call back during regular business hours. We are open from 8 to 5 Monday through Friday PST, except on Monday’s, Tuesdays, and Thursdays every other week after Labor day. Wednesday and Fridays are a bit hit and miss. If you have determined that you have called us during normal operating hours and we aren’t here, please email us with what hours you think we are supposed to be open because we can’t figure it out our-selves. Thank you!”

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Turn Customers into Hero’s

Promote who they are


The inner thoughts of tech execs when they start selling:
“hmmm the number 1 reason selling is so hard is those damn Customers just don’t get it. Hey I know, maybe if I simply tell them they are pathetic they will realize they need my product. Website headline: YOU SUCK, BUY MY PRODUCT! That’s it! (patting themselves on their own back)”

Ummmm, how’s that working for ’em?

Deliver an Amazing

Build a strong brand


Why are cows branded?

Past Answer:
In order to tell your cows from your neighbors.

Current Answer:

To sell more milk.

Got Milk?

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Make More Money

Lift everyone up


Q. Where does money come from?
A. Well it doesn’t grow on trees.

Q. What is an organizational Hierarchy?
A. A tree.

Q. How do you make more money?
Avoid trees. That are in the “Wrong Forest”.

Make business fun. again

we are ready to do this with you

So what exactly is coloredboxes you ask? A set of boxes that are connected through inputs and outputs that create a unified customer experience.

Basically, lego’s for adults. Also happens to be your organizational structure. 

But don’t tell anyone how simple it is because they’ll think you aren’t really working! (ha, you actually aren’t :-))

make your business fun again

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